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Ducati 888 (Racing) ECU ECM CDI black box computer brain (IAW P8)

Ducati 888 (Racing) ECU ECM CDI black box computer brain (IAW P8)

Ducati 900 SS / 900 FE (BB1105) igniter ignition module CDI TCI Box

Ducati 900 SS / 900 FE (BB1105) igniter ignition module CDI TCI Box

Ducati 900 S/SS ECU ECM CDI black box computer brain (Magneti Marelli IAW15M.A0, IAW15M.A1)

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354,51 € 292,98 €
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Testing ignition/injection unit ECU/ECM (black box / brain)
or ignition unit with three or more outputs (ignition coils)

You pay this amount if your unit has been tested by Carmo and proves to be not defective.
Testing within 3 working days.
(We also offer a fast service, with delivery by 10:00, ready after 16:00 Mon-Fri)

Test procedure:

All of our tests are performed with a simulation-based protocol; we send the exact same signals to your ECU as those normally provided by your motorcycle. This way we can approach reality to nearly 100%. Testing in this dynamic fashion ensures a much more reliable result compared to static measurements such as measuring resistance values provided by your workshop manual.

What is tested?:
- Variable load on outputs
- Advance ignition curve relative to the rpm
- Power of the spark at variable load
- Charging of the ignitioncoil in TCI systems and peak voltage at CDI Systems
- Injector control and other actuators
- All sensor inputs
- Operation at different voltages (8V - 15.5 V)
- Temperature dependence
- Idle up to the rpm limiter
- Endurance test, at least 25 minutes (longer on request)
- Vibration
- Water resistance
- Electromagnetic compatibility tests
- If present, tachometer output, Electronic fuel pump output, TPS and vacuum input, standard / neutral safety

If possible, the circuit board will be provided with two layers of professional moisture protective coating after testing.


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